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Summer Activewear for the Budget Friendly Babe

Anyone else realizing activewear is getting mad expensive. With Yitty by Fabletics launching their second release; and LuluLemon still gripping us tight, how is our pocket book going to manage this uptick in pricing nationally. Gas is through the roof. Housing prices have inflated like Donald Trump’s ego. And I’m just here trying to live a more active lifestyle.

But fear not ladies! I may have found the solution to our activewear debacle. Many of you know I started a new job at Old Navy. Little did I know that Old Navy has a very mainstream activewear line in stores. Now, I personally am a cashier at Old Navy. It just comes naturally after 17+ years in Customer Service. So I see first hand what everyone is buying regularly. And let me tell you, Old Navy active fly’s off the shelves in all size ranges. Since I saw so many women buying Old Navy activewear I wondered, could someone with my bust size wear this too?

So, I bought it. I bought tons of it. And I’m here with an in-depth and honest review. For reference I am 5’10 235 lbs.

PowerChill Sports Bra & Hidden Pocket Leggings

Light Support PowerChill Longline Sports Bra $26.99 Extra High Waisted PowerChill Leggings $26.99

This sports bra & legging combo was a teeny bit tricky. The leggings were a perfect fit at my usual size XL. I had minimal need to pull them up and didn’t have much see through in the booty area. They also had a hidden pocket. Of course, we ALWAYS want pockets. The top was another story. I grabbed an XL and an XXL. The XXL was too large in the bust to provide enough support; and I can’t believe I said that! The XL was TIGHT and created some slight overspill from my left breast. (Laverne is a wee bit larger than Shirley.) I did like the longline aspect of this top though. Where most sports bras cut right at the under-bust, this is cut at the naval. If you’re not looking to show much tummy for the day, this is a great option. If I ignore the fact that my left boob is slightly spilling over, the set is adorable. Paired with a denim jacket and my favorite Adidas, it’s a really great set for summer.

PowerChill Cami Jumpsuit

PowerChill 7/8 Length Cami Jumpsuit $39.99

I love it and I hate it. Let me explain. If I’m wearing this to run errands, around the house, go to the movies, doing basic light everyday duties, this is fabulous. If I am on my feet for 8 hours straight at work, this is a fail. I got my usual size XL and the fit was great. My cleavage was a bit showing but not enough to warrant an outfit change. So, I wore it to work. I paired it with a denim jacket and my favorite sneakers and started my work day. As the day went on, the bust area kept creeping further down. I also quickly realized, as I was ringing customers up, I was bending over a lot to put items in peoples sacks, thus my ladies being even more exposed. And finally, as the day went on, the jumpsuit started to lose shape, thus causing chub rub to my thigh area. So, my verdict is, proceed with caution. If it’s a light day, go forward. If it’s an over 10K steps day, go with something else.

StretchTech Collarless Jumpsuit

Short Sleeve StretchTech Collarless Jumpsuit $34.00

This collarless jumpsuit might have been my favorite item from the haul. The material is light and effortless. It washes and wears easily with minimal steam/iron necessary. You can wear it as is or add an extra layer. It has pockets and a tight cord waist to cinch you at whatever figure you want for the day. The color is an off beat green and looks killer with an Old Navy white denim jacket. Overall 9 out of 10.

Ribbed Cropped Tee & Cargo Jogger Pants

Short sleeve UltraLite Ribbed Cropped T-Shirt $14.00 High Waisted StretchTech Cargo Jogger Pants $30.00

These two are the dream team of basics. The short sleeve ribbed tee comes in multiple colors and fits snug on my size XL. The joggers are a comfy lightweight material that are fitted in the ankle. These joggers have pockets which is always a goal, and go well with just about any activewear top you have. These are some great staples for a budget friendly price point.

StretchTech Cargo Romper

StretchTech Sleeveless Zip-front Cargo Romper $44.99

This StretchTech romper is similar to the jumpsuit I love, but with a few tiny differences. One difference being the sleeveless option. I was worried my sports bra or bralette would show through on the sides of this romper but luckily that didn’t happen. I stayed with my usual size XL and the fit was dead on. This romper version came in more color options than the jumpsuit including this Ocean Shale and Ancient Forest green. Another small detail being the romper version has a single bust zipper as opposed to the breast pockets in the jumpsuit. Overall this is a very cute alternative for the weather warming up and also one of my favorite pieces from the haul.

Crossover Bike Shorts

Extra High Waisted PowerChill Crossover Biker Shorts $19.99

I think we all can agreed the star of the summer show is bike shorts. If your thighs touch, bike shorts are the best things since sliced bread. These Old Navy bike shorts are no exception. I ended up doing an XXL in these because I wanted extra room for taco’s. The sizing up did create a teeny bit of necessity to pull them a couple times, but nothing terrible. I love the criss cross pattern, which simply elevates the look past a basic flat bike short. I will be buying another pair in the XL because these are fantastic. 10 out of 10 would recommend.

Over all I give Old Navy activewear a 7.5. These items aren’t something I would wear to a super sweaty gym session like a Zumba class. But for a 30 min weight lifting class, yoga, or simply being on your feet for a day, these are some good options. Use the link provided to shop these items through my Like to Know It profile.

Stay tuned for the next haul. I MAY have ordered some Fabletics x Yitty picks for Pride Month.

Hugs, Kisses, and All That Jazz,


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