How to do all black for spring.

The end of Spring is here and I have some sweet picks from Chic Soul to share. This month I wanted to step outside my comfort zone. I know spring is usually all about color and florals; but I wanted to try an all black approach to spring. Such an Aquarius mood.

Some folks prefer a muted color scheme of neutrals in their closet. I wanted to show that you can stick to your all black comfort zone but still enjoy spring fashion.

Use code Eva515 for 15% off your order! This is a 1 time code so use it wisely. Now, let’s get to the fashion.

Very Entertaining Blouse $44
I Could Get Used to This Dress $59
Dressed in Delight Kimono $49
Similar You Know the Deal Maxi $62

I few items were out of stock in the color/style I got. I found some replacement options and linked them for y’all.

June is right around the corner, along with warm weather and outside fun.

Hugs, Kisses & All That Jazz


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