Chic Soul January Lookbook

A fresh new year is upon us. That means new goals to crush and new fashion to wear. For me, January is the best time to clean out my closet and replace any staples I’ve over used. I picked up 5 refresher items from Chic Soul. These basics are the workhorse of any outfit.

The Cardigan

Wearing a good cardigan is like getting a warm hug. You feel safe and cozy in it, while still looking polished. The Flirty Feelings Cardigan in Brown is effortlessly chic.

The Skinny Jean

I know, I know, Gen Z kids everywhere are totally icked out by this. But I don’t care. Curvy bodies look great in skinny jeans. We fill them out and they always look chic with heels. The Fated Love Jeggings are an easy toss on and go jean. They even threw in a few rips for funsies.

The Denim Jacket

How many denim jackets do I own? I don’t know, I gave up counting. They are my grab and go staple. A denim jacket makes an outfit appear casual but timelessly cool. The Meet Me In Ten denim jacket is the best multi function wear option because it literally goes with everything.

The Blouse

A crisp breezy white blouse is a must have wardrobe piece. It’s casual yet chic. It’s a relaxed version of the button down with a figure flattering babydoll shape. The Cool Flow Blouse is easy to toss on and go.

The Maxi Dress

A wrap style maxi dress is always a good investment. Bonus points if it’s black and shiny like this Never Too Late maxi from Chic Soul. You’re giving pattern, texture and shine all in one. You can wear it alone for a special occasion or add a denim jacket for a casual look.

All of these items are available on the Chic Soul website. You can use 1 time code Eva115 for 15% off your order. I already did when I saw the new Valentine’s Day Collection!

Here’s to an exciting New Year. Next stop, Valentine’s Day!

Hugs, Kisses, And All That Jazz,


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