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The Best Plus Size Boutiques in New Orleans

Alright, y’all don’t come for me. I know I said I was going to scope out the best plus size boutiques in New Orleans but, I was in Nola during Memorial Day weekend, a week after COVID restrictions were lifted. French Quarter was an absolute mad house. HOWEVER! I did manage to find 3 plus size friendly boutiques just outside of New Orleans, in Metairie.

French Quarter Gridlock

While chatting with a bartender at Chef Ron’s Gumbo Stop, she shared some vital information that is imperative to this post. Local Nola natives don’t go to the French Quarter. They avoid it because it’s riddled with tourists. If you want a true authentic New Orleans shopping experience, you have to drive 15 minutes North to Metairie.

Now I’m not discrediting the plus size shops in the French Quarter. I haven’t been there yet to make a full assessment of their shops and apparel. But what I can share is I found a couple gems that are much more intimate without the French Quarter parking issues.

Here are 3 Plus Size Inclusive Boutiques in Metairie/New Orleans

Armoire Boutique

Armoire Boutique
115 Metairie Rd.
Metairie, Louisiana 70005

Armoire Boutique is a female owned, size inclusive boutique, located in the Lakewood area of Metairie. They carry plus size apparel up to a 3X, with an occasional 4X depending on the brand. They also have a large assortment of accessories ranging from bags, jewelry, hats, and even shoes.

All the Pretty Things
Evil Eye Beaded Disc Earrings $20.00

They have 2 small luxe style dressing rooms with a store front decor that says ladies brunch is so happening. Most everything in the store is under $100.00. Everything in store is also available on their website at with $6.00 shipping within the United States. They offer free returns for size exchange or store credit.

Curvy Rainbow Stripe
Sleeveless Maxi Dress $58.00
Curvy Ruffle Sleeve
Mock Neck Jumpsuit $68.00

These are the items that came home to Georgia with me.

Curvy Primary Color
Floral Maxi Dress $68.00
Floral Print
Curvy Jumpsuit $59.00

Mogul Boutique

Mogul Boutique
1820 Franklin St.
Gretna, Louisiana 70053

Mogul Boutique is a small black woman owned boutique located just over the Crescent City Connection in Gretna. They carry plus sizes up to a 3X with a variety of street style, date night and day wear apparel. Due to COVID restrictions they require a 45 minute only shopping time experience with 4 patrons at a time maximum. They require face masks while shopping. They also offer items online at . Currently all sales are final with 0 return options, so buyer beware.

Pastel Color Rainbow
Maxi Dress $90.00

I did my research prior to coming and new I wanted to try on this rainbow maxi dress. Unfortunately they only had a 1X left which I found to be too tight. Sadly, it stayed. I did however pick up this orange and lavender wicker tote on sale for $25.00

Orange & Lavendar
Straw Tote $37.50

A Beautiful Soul

A Beautiful Soul is a small plus size fashion chain. I’ve never had the opportunity to check out this brand in store. When I saw they had a location in Metairie I figured now was a good time to check them out.

A Beautiful Soul
3301 Veterans Memorial Blvd.
Metairie, Louisiana 70002

The moment I walked into this store I was greeted by these 2 wonderful angels Tyler & Taylor. We immediately started talking shopping about fashion, their brand, apparel and company mission. A beautiful soul is the curvy division of Alart’d State. They sell a large variety of boho style items through clothes, accessories, shoes and hats.

A Beautiful Showroom for A Beautiful Soul

The store is very well kept and clean. The employees were ever so friendly and I even learned of a local seafood place to check out while chatting with them. And when it came to the clothes, babe! I could have bought the whole store.

Marionette Maxi Dress $129.00
Aloha Jumpsuit, Teal $69.95
Coco Maxi Dress $29.99

In order to stay within budget, I limited myself to purchasing 1 item. The prices were quite a bit higher than I expected them to be. However their clearance section was quite generous with options and lower prices. I loved this jumpsuit so much, I was willing to pay full price.

Over the Rainbow
Jumpsuit $69.95

And that’s it. I hope you found this information helpful on your next visit to New Orleans. Stay tuned for the next update where I’m sharing what I actually wore as a plus size fashion blogger in New Orleans!

Hugs, Kisses, and All That Jazz,


2 thoughts on “The Best Plus Size Boutiques in New Orleans

  1. Looks like you found some treasures for us curvy gals in the big easy!


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